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April 26, 2017

How Much Is A Roof Inspection? For Most It’s Free!

Out of the many reasons to put off having a roof inspection, cost should be among the last. After all in most cases, roof contractors will come out and perform a roof inspection at no cost! There are some exceptions for Realtors and other commercial interests which require paperwork, most roof contractors will offer homeowners free roof inspections. For all … Continue reading

April 20, 2017

Top 5 Questions Roofing Customers Ask About Their Roof

We get a lot of questions on a day to day basis asking about various roofing scenarios, far too many to list them all at once but some questions are more frequent than others. Top 5 Being informed on both the current status of your roof and the necessary steps to take to keep it in good shape should be … Continue reading

April 13, 2017

6 Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

It happens to most everyone at some point in time, you notice a dark stain on the ceiling, streaks on your walls, or worse, droplets or a stream of water flowing from these areas. Leaks seems to come from out of the blue, for no good reason it all. Even on newly installed roofs or relatively young ones, leaks can … Continue reading

April 5, 2017

Don’t Be An “April Fool”! Avoid Roofing Scams With These Easy Tips

April showers bring May flowers, and scammers. Especially after periods of heavy rain and storms, roofing contractors have their work cut out for them this time of year. When the storms come and compromised roofs reveal problems, the influx of calls can overwhelm even the largest roof contracting company. Times like these present many opportunities to catch desperate¬†homeowners unaware. And … Continue reading

April 4, 2017

Find The Right Roof Contractor With These Easy Tips!

Looking for a roof contractor? Not sure whom to trust? What do you look for when checking out roofing contractors? How do you know who to trust? The answer may not be as hard to find as you think, especially with the resources you have right in front of you now! 1) Check¬†Out Referrals & Read Reviews These days. consumers … Continue reading

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